Radius Pipe

Radius pipe, also referred to as beveled or mitered pipe, is used to construct pipelines which require a short radius of curvature. The pipe is manufactured by dropping the spigot ring on one side, resulting in one side of the pipe being longer than the other. The deflection angle is accommodated at the joint. The maximum angular deflection obtainable is governed by the joint configuration and the method of manufacture. Shaw Precast Solutions manufactures radius pipe for nominal pipe sizes from 1350Ømm to 2400Ømm.

The following table provides the minimum radius obtainable for all pipe sizes, using a maximum drop of 150mm. Where the maximum drop will vary for each size of pipe manufactured, we recommend that designers consult with our staff to determine the suitability of radius pipe for the required curvature. Where a shorter radius of curvature is required, bends with a minimum 10 degree angle should be substituted.

Nominal Pipe Radius of Curvature
Size (mm) (m) (ft)
1350mm 26.3 m 86.2 ft
1500mm 29.1 m 95.4 ft
1800mm 35.3 m 116.0 ft
2100mm 41.0 m 134.5 ft
2400mm 46.1 m 151.1 ft
3000mm 56.7 m 186.0 ft
3600mm 71.6 m 234.9 ft