Stone Strong


The ideal solution for retaining walls, lake and pond shoreline protection, landscaping, bridge approaches and abutments, erosion control, storm sewer outlet protection cells, under/over passes, stream channel walls and drop structures.

Stone Strong Blocks aren’t just big. They’re inherently better. The heart of the Stone Strong system is the original 5,800lb. block with a 24 square foot face. Three feet tall and eight feet wide, this massive block holds a big secret. It’s hollow.

This innovative hollow design took more than three years to develop, and brings along some amazing advantages. First, the hollow cavity means less weight per square foot, which translates into a much faster, easier, and less costly installation process. In addition, the hollow design contributes to Stone Strong being the only wall with a built-in drainage system requiring no additional parts – so you never have to worry about water damage or the failure of standard drainage systems.

The hollow design actually contributes to the block’s strength, as well. This innovative block design is actually the first big block to be fully engineered both structurally and geo-technically. The structural strength of the Stone Strong block ensures it will stay put – with-out any need for tiebacks or additional mechanics.

This is the first true gravity wall system to be introduced to the retaining wall industry. Stone Strong Systems gravity walls can reach heights 15-18 feet utilizing the mass Extension Block. Walls up to 40-feet can be built with proper soil reinforcement. Attractive, affordable, durable, and versatile, the Stone Strong System is ideally suited for numerous applications. The massive scale of the blocks makes Stone Strong ideal for large commercial uses, and provides the added benefit of looking proportionate in tall settings. And the system’s amazing flexibility – allowing for both straight and winding designs – means the system will fit seamlessly into the contours of any landscape.

Stone Strong walls are also considerably more attractive than standard walls. The realistic, chiseled-stone face – hand-crafted by real artisans – looks beautiful in any natural setting and creates a sophisticated atmosphere unachievable with poured concrete. Beauty won’t break the bank, either. With Stone Strong, you get the look of natural stone at a fraction of the price.