A precast box culvert will provide:

A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Fabrication of box culvert units by experienced crews in a controlled environment ensures a high quality product. Units are cast in the plant under comprehensive quality control eliminating the drawbacks imposed by weather and site conditions.

ECONOMY: Precast box culverts are cost competitive with cast in place structures.

QUICK AND EASY ON-SITE INSTALLATION: The installation of a box culvert involves preparation of the site, placement and backfilling of box culvert sections. Depending on project size, preparation of the site may be completed in a matter of hours. This preparation work may be scheduled for immediately prior to delivery of the precast culverts to the site. Placement of the culvert units is usually carried out with a crane and is a straightforward and rapid operation.

SCHEDULE: Precast fabrication of box culvert units reduces the amount of work on-site and possible impact of weather on project schedules. The culvert sections can be installed, backfilled and placed into service immediately upon delivery to the site. Box culvert units can be preordered to allow projects to proceed on-site in early spring.

REDUCED WATER CONTROL COSTS: On projects where the work site involves a water course, a precast structure eliminates the need to maintain a dry site for the entire duration of the project to prevent damage or disruption to form work, rebar, etc. reducing water control requirements and costs.

EASE OF INSPECTION: The Purchaser has the option to inspect the box culvert units at the plant prior to delivery. With cast in place structures, deficiencies such as low concrete strength represent a costly problem as the product is already in place

DURABILITY: Precast concrete products have all the durability advantages of high quality concrete, without the concern of breakdown of protective coatings, corrosion or other problems associated with other materials. Precast concrete culverts are a low maintenance solution.

FLEXIBILITY IN DESIGN CONFIGURATIONS: Because of the nature of precast concrete products, Designers can achieve a great range in configurations in culvert layouts, geometry, alignment and capacity. Special box sections can be fabricated to meet unusual conditions or design requirements. For example, radius box sections, and angular bend sections can be fabricated to accommodate changes in alignment, transition units can be fabricated where a change in culvert size is required, wyes and tees can be fabricated to allow connection of round pipe sections to the box culvert. Our Technical team is readily available to discuss possible design options, and their feasibility.